Our team of the mortgage specialists will help you with the financing of your apartment. They focus on individual advising for natural and legal persons.

Why to finance with the Success IN Finance company?

  • We are a developer’s partner company.
  • There are a special privileged conditions negotiated with selected banks and tailored directly for this developer project (reduced interest rates, handling-related fees, etc.)
    • Rates up to 90% of value of the real estate for interests of the 80% mortgages
    • Both financing and purchase of a real estate will be proceeded in a single office with us.
    • Information about our team and our services can be found on our website:

Purchase and financing process:

Reservation contract,
lodging of 3% of CZK

Preliminary agreement for purchase contract, lodging of 20% of CZK within 30 days from the conclusion (signature) of the contract

Purchase contract, to repay the purchase price within 30 days from final approval of the property

Hand-over of the apartment

The examples for 5-year period of fixation:

Maturity term
The loan amount Rate 15 20 25 30
4.000.000 Kč 2,94% 27.591 Kč 22.150 Kč 18.933 Kč 16.828 Kč
5.000.000 Kč 2,94% 34.488 Kč 27.688 Kč 23.667 Kč 21.035 Kč
7.000.000 Kč 2,89% 48.113 Kč 38.585 Kč 32.949 Kč 29.257 Kč
9.000.000 Kč 2,84% 61.641 Kč 49.382 Kč 42.126 Kč 37.372 Kč
10.000.000 Kč 2,84% 68.490 Kč 54.868 Kč 46.807 Kč 41.524 Kč
12.000.000 Kč 2,79% 81.897 Kč 65.540 Kč 55.855 Kč 49.504 Kč
14.000.000 Kč 2,79% 95.546 Kč 76.464 Kč 65.164 Kč 57.754 Kč

Contact persons

Eva Hingarová

Dušana Gondová
Estate Specialist

Where you can find us

BNX CSA s.r.o.
Wenceslas Square 838/9
Old Town, 110 00 Prague 1

Phone no.: +420 778 534 632

TIN: 06594689

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